2019 is Cancelled

Every last vacation or fun thing I wanted to do next year. Cancelled. If it doesn’t cost less than $200, I’m not doing it. Hawaii cancelled. Bali cancelled. NYC (this one hurts) cancelled. Greece cancelled. The goal is to get pay off all credit card debt $6K plus cash fund school $6K in all of ’19. This is on top of furnishing my apartment. It sucks, and I’m not looking forward to it, but to be credit card debt free before 2020 would mean more to me than those vacations. However 2020, I will be cash funding ALL THE VACATIONS! Update: Debt has actually gone up to almost $8k. Cash funding school will have to wait. Going to dental school will have to wait. Everything will have to wait. But I have 12 months to pay off $8k, that’s roughly $600 a month in credit card debt to pay off. This does not include, hospital bills, taxes and student loans. I know part of this issue is that I have to get my income up. AND NOT BY TAKING ON A 3RD JOB. 

 Sacrifice vs Pleasure

I’m tired. I just took 4 days off from both jobs and it was the best thing that has ever happened. I also plan on taking four days in March around my birthday. Two jobs is not 2020. This is the last year I do this, unless I’m doing a work from home type situation. I keep thinking about all the times I’ll be able to do this time next  year. Obviously I won’t be debt free, but I’ll be over the biggest hurdle. I wish I had never gotten any of these credit cards. It’s my fault, I am not good with money and I love to shop for things I don’t need. But this is costing me my retirement. To hear the stories about how many people are still working in their 60s and have no plans to retire anytime soon due to not having anything in their savings is heartbreaking. I want to do so much to change the word, but first I need to become disciplined and change myself. 


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