Me at eola

I didn’t want to do a full on “about me” section. It seemed narcissistic to talk about me when this is a personal blog about me. I picked the most random questions from other random questionnaires to give you some random facts about me. Thanks for reading!

1. A period of time you won’t forget:
High school, summer before and after senior year. Friendships, majorly fun friendship.

2. Ideal morning routine:
8am wake up, warm caffeinated drink, front porch bible study, gym and shower, another cup of coffee, start my day. (In this exact order)

3. Describe kindness:
Kindness is doing what’s unexpected of you in stressful times. Kindness if offering a genuine smile to shy or awkward people in passing. Kindness keeping an elderly person company. Kindness is checking on a friend you haven’t heard from in a while. Kindness is not being too hard on yourself when you fail at something.

4. A moment that changed you:
Bad breakup/broken heart

5. The best thing about the day:
Taking my bra off!

6. A movie that makes you happy:
Don’t laugh or judge me… Getting There staring Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen

7. What do you want more of:
Besides money, everyday real hard-hitting friendships

8. Do your actions match your words:
In work, life yes, in personal life not always, working on it though.

9. A small change you’d like to make:
Eating healthy

10. One thing you’d like to see:

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